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How to Choose a Bathtub

The bathroom is where you really show your style and taste. A little bit of planning beforehand could make all the difference.

First, decide if you really need a bathtub at all. Showers usually get used daily, or your bath tub maybe an occasional luxury, then possibly you can fit in a larger shower or install a shower bath combo.


Bathtubs come in all manner of shapes and sizes and materials used in their construction. Decide how you want to use the bathtub, is it just for washing the kids, serious relaxing or do you want a bath for two? A properly sized bathtub is a must, so know what size is best for you.

Types of tubs include:-

  • Alcove or recessed or built in bathtubs - have wall/lips on 3 sides, the bathtub is recessed into the wall.
  • Corner tubs - are triangular and can be one or two person
  • Island bathtubs - are sitting on a hob. Can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes
  • Freestanding - also include clawfoot bathtubs. Can be used to be the focal point of your bathroom creating a powerful statement in the bathroom.

Materials used to make the bath include:-

  • Acrylic - most popular with widest available range to choose from. Very lightweight and easy to clean but can be susceptable to scratching. Don't use abrasive cleaners on them. Bath water tends to stay warmer.
  • Enamel steel - incredibly durable and strong. Reasonably lightweight and priced but can chip and rust if abused. Doesn't retain heat as well as acrylic.
  • Quarrystone - a blend of finely ground volcanic limestone and resin. They are individually hand finished. Have a naturally high insulation and small scratches can be polished out.


List the features that you want in a spa. Things like number of jets both standard and mini, whether you want a hot pump to maintain water temperature, extras like handles and head rests etc.


There is a wide range of shapes and sizes of showers you can choose from. Standalone shower units can come with framed or semiframed glass doors. Sizes can vary from 900 * 900mm in either square, angled or round corners up to 1200 * 900mm.

Gaining popularity are walk in showers with no doors and large shower grates rather than the small round ones.

If it all seems too much, just give us a call and we can help you with your selections.

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After all, its all about choice.

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