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Thermorail SR Range

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The ThermoraiL SR range allows for maximum storage capacity in a compact space with a dry electric element and 7 sizes to choose from. Eco timers are also available.

Stock No. Product Name Size (mm) Output (W)
SR17M Thermorail 8 Bar W400 x H1120 x D110 65
SR23M Thermorail 8 Bar W530 x H700 x D125 76
SR27M Thermorail 8 Bar W530 x H1120 x D125 80
SR33M Thermorail 8 Bar W750 x H700 x D120 104
SR69M Thermorail 10 Bar W700 x H1200 x D120 128
SR93M Thermorail 7 Bar W900 x H750 x D120 110
SR99M Thermorail 14 Bar W1000 x H1500 x D122 244
SRS54M Thermorail Rectangular Upright & Round Legs W650 x H800 x D120 105

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Thermorail Straight 32mm Round Vertical Bars, 20mm Horizontal Bars


IP44 Rating

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