How to Choose Toilet Suites

Give your choice of toilet suite a bit of thought as you can dress up your decor with the right design to compliment your bathroom theme. Ideally it should blend in with the rest of the decor rather than standing out and being the centrepiece. The toilet should match the colour and style of the other fixtures in the bathroom. Look for toilets that have a deep rich coat of glaze as this will ensure an even, easy to clean glossy surface. Also look for models that are WELS rated with 4 stars.

When choosing the new toilet suite for your bathroom, make sure you know the correct pan options that suit your set out and plumbing requirements. The set out is the distance from the wall to the centre of the waste hole in the floor. Commonly it is 140mm but it can vary from 90-290mm. Toilets can come as S Trap ( waste hole through the floor), P Trap ( through the back wall) or Skew Trap ( either as a left hand or right hand through the side wall).

Knowing those two requirements will help narrow down the choices available and save any headaches at installation time.

Toilet suites come in all ranges of shapes; round, oval or square to assist in your bathroom design. Colours tend to be white, although some models may have bolder colours.

Toilets come in 4 main categories

  • Linked Suite - tend to be cheaper than close coupled but not as ascetically pleasing. The cistern which can be either ceramic or plastic is fixed to the wall and a connector link conceals the flush pipe and joins to the pan.
  • Close Coupled - The pan and the cistern of close coupled toilets are "coupled" together. You don't see the flush pipe and usually has a wider range of styles to choose from. The cistern is mainly ceramic, but some plastic models are available.
  • Back to Wall - The wall faced suite features a pan that is fixed directly against the wall. Cleaning is alot easier as there are less dirt traps.
  • Wall Hung - Have become increasingly popular recently because they save on space and are still stylish. Being wall hung means cleaning underneath the toilet pan is quick and easy. The cistern is concealed within the wall and is accessed behind the flush buttons panel

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